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We are proud of our affiliation with Lebanon, and we seek to share our delicious bite, in its simple and authentic taste, with everyone throughout the country, the region, and the world.

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Welcome to Al-Abdallah

It is a story where passion, skill and creativity come together to create an extraordinary culinary experience. The delicious and distinctive mixture of Al- Abdullah chicken did not start from the small restaurant that Mr. Youssef Al- Abdullah (Abu Hussein) opened in 1999, which specialized in grilling chickens on charcoal, but rather from the moment when Abu Hussein planned to create the taste of an innovative, delicious, unprecedented and revolutionary sauce.

Since we do not regard success as an end point, but rather a journey, after opening the second branch in 2013, the branches continued to open until they reached 11 branches in Lebanon in 2023. Considering that it is our duty to revive the Lebanese cuisine and contribute to the glowing of its distinctive flavors internationally, in the year 2021 we began our international expansion, as we currently have 3 branches in the United Arab Emirates, two branches in Iraq. In Addition to the mentioned branches, we are currently in the process of establishing branches in Qatar and other countries around the world.

As essential as delicious and consistent taste is to us, the company took the decision to expand horizontally in the year 2017, when it purchased a chicken farm and then its own slaughterhouse. Thus, allowing the company to guarantee quality and excellence on all production lines from the beginning of hatching process until the final product is presented to the customer.


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Most Popular Items

Salad (Small) $3.5
Garlic $0.8
Spicy Sauce $0.8
Fries - Plate $5
Fries - Box $3.5
Hommos $4
Coleslaw - Plate $3.5
Fattouch (Medium) $3.5
Fattouch (Large) $5
Fried Cheese rolls $3.5
Grilled cheese rolls $3.5
Salad (Large) $5
ColeSlaw (Box) $1
Chicken Bites $1
Chicken Bites Combo $8
Chicken Brown Bread Sandwich $8
Combo Brown $9
Chicken Combo (Large) $9
Chicken Combo (Medium) $7.5
Chicken Sandwich (Large) $7.5
Chicken Sandwich (Medium) $4.5
Fries Sandwich (Large) $3
Fries Sandwich (Medium) $2.5
Chicken - Whole $18
Chicken Half $9.5
Chicken Legs - Whole $17
Chicken Legs - Half $9
Chicken Breasts - Whole $19
Chicken Breasts - Half $10
Water (Large) $2
Water (Small) $1
Soft Drinks $2
Ayran $2
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